100% Scandinavisch Design

Gifts 50 to 100 euro

by Wirth Kitchen Roll Holder Black Oak

A beautiful black kitchen roll holder, which certainly deser..

by Wirth Magnet Shelf Black Oak (different sizes)

The magnet shelf from by Wirth, a nice solution for your kni..

NUR Candleholder Pipeline White

Beautifully sleek and simply designed NUR candleholder pipel..

Moebe Ceramic Pendant Narrow H220 x D112mm

The Ceramic Pendant from Moebe is a beautiful ceramic lamp d..

by Wirth Toiletpaperholder Black Oak

This black oak toilet roll holder by Wirth is slightly diffe..

Studio About Bubble Tube vase H27cm Green

The green Bubble tube vase from Studio About is an absolute ..

Marimekko Unikko cushion cover dark blue 40x60cm

The combination of cotton and linen makes this Unikko cushio..

Tica copenhagen Shoe Tray Graphic design Large

This rubber shoe tray with graphic pattern from tica copenha..

by Wirth Towel Rack Soap Treated Oak

With this towel rack from by Wirth you can store your towels..

Ania Karen White Jar with Lid

Decorative and stylish white jar with lid from Ania Design S..

Lars Rank Keramik Handmade Vase Stacked Black Mini

Very beautiful and unique handmade vase from Lars Rank Keram..

Marimekko Räsymatto Bowl 3lt

A nice extra large 3lt Räsymatto dish to serve a large sala..

by Wirth Towel Rack Black Oak

With this beautiful towel rack from by Wirth, you create the..

Moebe Coatrack Black 70cm

The Moebe coat rack 70 cm has 6 hooks to hang your coat and ..

Kähler Design Omaggio Vase Black Stripe H305mm

The vase is perfect for a beautiful bunch of flowers, a few ..

Kähler Design Omaggio Vase Steel blue Stripe H305mm

This large Omaggio vase with steel blue stripes is a real ey..

The Oak Men Wooden Tree Solid Oak XL Mega Large

The oak trees of The Oak Men are really beautiful. Very deco..

SEJ Design Flowerpot Black 30x30x30cm

A beautiful and stylish large black rubber flowerpot from Se..

The Oak Men Candle Tray Oak

Very beautiful designed candle tray from The Oak Men. This m..

Dottir Winter Stories Forest Candlestick

This Winter Stories Forest candlestick is perfect for the wi..

Lars Rank Keramik Handmade Blue Hills Plate Ø 24,5cm

Beautifully handmade blue glazed plate from the Blue Hills s..

Lapuan Kankurit Metsikkö Wool plaid 130x180 Spruce green

This beautiful spruce green Metsikkö plaid from Lapuan Kank..

Studio About Bubble Tube vase H27cm Pink

The pink Bubble tube vase from Studio About is an absolute e..

Lovi Spruce Birch plywood Tree 50cm 3D-tree DIY package

A beautiful 50cm tree from Lovi, made from Finnish birch ply..
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100% Scandinavisch Design