100% Scandinavisch Design

Stationary and books en puzzels

Marimekko Set of 16 unique floral cards with envelope

A beautiful set of 16 unique flower cards from Marimekko. In..

Marimekko Set of 50 different designs

A very nice set with 100 beautifull cards from Marimekko. 10..

Moebe Pinch Oak

The Moebe Pinch oak is a handy clip that you can use as a ca..

Marimekko Set of 20 Unikko cards with envelope in box

A beautiful Unikko set of 20 folded cards with envelope from..

Marimekko Set of 2 large notebooks with 2 different covers 21,5 x 29 cm

A nice set of 2 large notebooks from Marimekko. Both books h..

Marimekko Box of Labels 30 sheets

A beautiful storage box containing 30 sheets, on which there..

Humdakin boek The art of organizing, cleaning and styling (in English)

If you want to master the art of organizing, cleaning and st..

Marimekko book - in Patterns

If you are a fan of the beautiful designs by Marimekko, then..

Marimekko Set of 3 A5 notebooks with 3 different covers

A nice set of 3 notebooks by Marimekko. All notebooks are in..

Marimekko MINI JOURNAL SET Set of 4 notebooks

A beautiful set of 4 notebooks from Marimekko. Each booklet ..

Marimekko Box with 10 HB pencils with Unikko design

A nice set of 10 HB pencils with Unikko design from Marimekk..
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100% Scandinavisch Design