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Marimekko cup Lokki / Lokki Pergola 2,5dl

Marimekko cup Lokki / Lokki Pergola 2,5dl
Marimekko cup Lokki / Lokki Pergola 2,5dl
Marimekko cup Lokki / Lokki Pergola 2,5dl
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This set contains two Oiva mugs, one with the Lokki pattern and the other with the Lokki Pergola pattern. The Lokki Pergola pattern combines two rhythmic Maija Isola designs from the 60s. Read more..

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Beautiful cups with the Lokki and Lokki Pergola design by Marimekko. The Lokki Pergola pattern combines two rhythmic Maija Isola designs from the 60s.

You can choose a set with 2 different cups in a gift box or for a specific cup, the cup with the Lokki design or the cup with the Lokki-Pergola design.

They are made of dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe white stoneware.


Marimekko Lokki Pergola design

The idea for the Lokki (seagull) pattern came to Maija Isola when she looked at a window with a curtain over it. The sun was shining and the wide folds of the curtain formed undulating shadows on the fabric. Maija had a sudden inspiration: when a fabric is printed with waves, even a small piece of such fabric seems profuse, lavishly folded.


Marimekko basic tableware

The power of Marimekko lies in, among other things, the ability to mix the various designs. Because the basic shapes of the service are always the same, it ensures peace and unity and you can go ahead in terms of designs. You do not have to purchase the service in one go. On the contrary, it is nice to always buy a few items and gradually expand your collection. Some people choose to have everything in 1 design, some mix it loose.

Create your own unique Marimekko dinnerware collection!


Marimekko Tableware design.

Marimekko designer Sami Ruotsalainen loves cooking. When he designed the new Oiva service, he was looking for the ideal plate for different dishes, the perfect cup for tea and the best cup for coffee. But he wanted to limit the number of different service items and that's why he designed the service items in such a way that they can be used in different ways and yet are also characteristic of their function.

To determine the right size, he studied the standard sizes, but he also looked at classic dishes from his grandmother's time. With all these findings he formed and determined the shape of the new Oiva service, which is unique and characteristic of Marimekko. Oiva white (off-white) is the basis and the collections differ in prints on the service. With the collections, the pattern / design is placed around the Oiva basic set.

View the complete Marimekko collection.

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