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Children's books

You cannot start reading books early enough. At a young age, when children can sit, most parents start reading booklets. Small, well-arranged booklets that appeal to children through their use of color, recognizable figures and situations. Reading is very good for the language development of young children, but it is more than that. Children will enjoy these reading moments a lot, it is also a nice moment to relax in the day, but also nice just before bedtime is a nice time to end the day with stories.

In our collection you will find various children's books including the flapbooks for very young children, fun storytelling and playbooks for older children, but also a book with an augmented reality app, how nice is that!

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Ingela P Arrhenius 'Where is Santa Claus?'

Very nice and festive toddler book Santa, where are you? fro..

Ingela P Arrhenius "The World of Ingela"

This beautiful book the world of Ingela, illustrated by the ..

Ingela P Arrhenius 'Where Mr Narwal?'

Nice toddler book ' Where's Mr Narwal?' by Ingela P Arrheniu..

Ingela P Arrhenius 'Where's Mr Austronaut?'

Nice toddler book ' Where's The Ladybird?' by Ingela P Arrhe..

Ingela P Arrhenius 'Where's The Hen?'

Nice toddler book ' Where's the hen?' by Ingela P Arrhenius ..

Ingela P Arrhenius 'Where's The Unicorn?'

Cozy reading together with your toddler from 'Were's The Uni..

Ingela P Arrhenius 'Where's The Bear?'

Nice toddler book ' Where's The Bear?' by Ingela P Arrhenius..

Ingela P Arrhenius 'Where's The Penguin?'

Nice toddler book ' Where's The Penguin?' by Ingela P Arrhen..

Ingela P Arrhenius 'Where's The Dog?'

Nice toddler book ' Where's The Dog?' by Ingela P Arrhenius ..

Ingela P Arrhenius 'Where Is The Zebra?'

Nice toddler book ' Where Is The Zebra?' by Ingela P Arrheni..

Ingela P Arrhenius Book At The Fair

This nice little book from P. Arrhenius 'Op De Kermis' is id..
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