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Faunascapes is a part of the design studio WhatWeDo founded by Hanne & Tobias Scheel Mikkelsen, an architect / graphic designer couple. Since 2008 they have been working together on various projects. Together they form a strong team and complement each other well during the creative process.

Landscapes and animals

The Faunascapes once started as a series of posters, but grew into an independent brand name. Faunascapes are prints in which photos of landscapes and animals merge into one, where the transitions run incredibly smoothly and naturally. The designers have found the right combinations in colour and shape.

Eye catcher

The posters are real eye catchers and steal the show on your wall in your house or in your business space. You can keep looking at the posters for hours, at the details and at unexpected elements in the photos.

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Faunascapes Poster Siberian Husky (different sizes)

A poster with the Siberian Husky, with an almost hypnotic lo..

Faunascapes Poster Eagle (different sizes)

An impressive Faunascapes print with Eagle and fused with a ..

Faunascapes Poster Bear (different sizes)

An impressive Faunascapes print with Bear and fused with a p..

Faunascapes Poster Pine (different sizes)

A beautiful Faunascapes Pine with a mountain landscape with ..

Faunascapes Poster Wolf (different sizes)

Faunascapes poster Wolf, the snowy landscape in this lonely ..

Faunascapes Poster Owl (different sizes)

Faunascapes poster Owl, the landscape in the majestic owl is..

Faunascapes Poster Moose (different sizes)

Beautiful this Faunascapes poster Moose, where the forest in..

Faunascapes Poster Bear 50 x 70cm

Faunascapes poster Beer, the landscape in the bear is a fjor..

Faunascapes Poster Eagle 50 x 70cm

Faunascapes poster Eagle, landscape in eagle is the view of ..

Faunascapes Poster Racoon 50 x 70cm

Faunascapes poster racoon, the landscape in the racoon is a ..

Faunascapes Poster Deer (different sizes)

Faunascapes poster deer, the scenery in the deer is from Lak..

Faunascapes Poster Rabbit (different sizes)

Faunascapes poster Rabbit, landscape in rabbit is from Spiri..

Faunascapes Poster Polar Bear(different sizes)

Faunascapes poster Polar bear shows the arctic landscape of ..

Faunascapes Poster Swan (different sizes)

Faunascapes poster Swan, the winter landscape in the swan is..

Faunascapes Poster Pencil Drawing Wolf (different sizes)

Faunascapes poster Wolf is a draw version of the original ph..

Faunascapes Poster Pencil Drawing Moose (different sizes)

Faunascapes poster Moose is a signed version of the original..
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100% Scandinavisch Design