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IMIform - Emelie Gårdeler

Emelie Gårdeler is an illustrator and graphic designer and founded the IMIform brand in 2015. She lives in Stockholm and her work varies from designing cards and posters to illustrating children's books. She works with many different graphic art techniques, such as collography and screen printing.
She gets her inspiration from many daily things, such as forest walks, conversations and books. She captures textures and shapes that interest her on her camera.

Magical Landscapes

By using different techniques and experiments, Emelie knows how to create the most magical landscapes. Almost all of her prints for IMIform were created by putting together water-painted clippings on an empty sheet. She mixes different techniques, usually starting with acrylic paint, after which she continues with colored pencils and ink. She then scans the image and continues to work on it digitally until it is finished.

Her goal is to work as ethically and ecologically friendly as possible, from the first brush stroke to the end product. From production in Sweden, she tries to ship everything as well as possible, whereby she re-uses the shipping boxes from her suppliers, for example.


Her collection consists of posters, cards and coasters. All in the beautiful color range of IMIform, so you can combine everything nicely. The cards are printed in A5 format, perfect for framing. Also nice to give framed gifts to a birthday boy.

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