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Kortkartellet is a company based in Scandinavia with a great love for aesthetics, typography, design and ……. Cards!

All illustrations are designed in Copenhagen by the designer an owner of Kortkartellet, Christina Muff. Christina uses her own typography to indicate the different locations. With a creative freedom, she scatters the letters on the posters and that makes every poster so special!

Kortkartellet has so far made more than 100 different silhouttes, including the Danish and international cities, areas and countries from all over the world. The colors are carefully selected one by one for each poster. The multicolor posters are even printed in a limited edition of a maximum of 300 pieces.



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Kortkartellet The World A5 Mini Illustration Charcoal

The World A5 mini poster in the form of a map was designed b..
€8,00 €5,00

Kortkartellet Hilversum A5 Mini Illustration Charcoal

Nice Hilversum A5 mini poster in the shape of a map was desi..
€8,00 €5,00

Kortkartellet Poster France Charcoal 50x70

Beautiful poster of France in a beautiful charcoal color by ..
€52,95 €29,00

Kortkartellet Botanica Poster A3 Poppy

Nice bunch of poppies in beautifully soft colors loosely sty..
€26,95 €14,00

Kortkartellet Poster Amsterdam Charcoal

Typographic poster of the Dutch capital Amsterdam in the sha..
€52,95 €29,00

Kortkartellet Poster København Charcoal Inverse

Charcoal-colored poster of the Danish capital Copenhagen sta..
€39,95 €21,00

Kortkartellet A5 Mini Illustration Amsterdam Charcoal

Magnificent A5 mini poster from Amsterdam in the shape of a ..
€8,00 €5,00

Kortkartellet A5 Mini Illustration Tokyo Charcoal

Magnificent A5 mini poster from Tokyo in the shape of a map ..
€8,00 €5,00

Kortkartellet A5 Mini Illustration Suomi-Finland Charcoal

Nice A5 mini poster from Finland in the shape of a map desig..
€8,00 €5,00

Kortkartellet Poster New York 40x55 Charcoal

Beautiful New York anthracite poster by Kortkartellet. Nicel..
€39,95 €21,00
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100% Scandinavisch Design