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SEJ Design Storage Container Black Small 8x8x12cm

SEJ Design Storage Container Black Small 8x8x12cm
SEJ Design Storage Container Black Small 8x8x12cm
SEJ Design Storage Container Black Small 8x8x12cm
SEJ Design Storage Container Black Small 8x8x12cm
SEJ Design Storage Container Black Small 8x8x12cm
SEJ Design Storage Container Black Small 8x8x12cm
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This black storage container from SEJ Design is nice to use on the kitchen counter, bathroom sink or desk. Practical storage container for daily things such as a dish brush, toothbrushes or pens. With this black storage box you have endless possibilities Read more..

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This black storage tray from SEJ Design is nice to use on the counter, sink or desk for daily things such as a washing-up brush, toothbrushes or pens. With this black bowl you have endless possibilities and it fits into any interior.

Kitchen favorite

The black storage box is a multi-talent when it comes to small items that lie around, to give them a a place of there own. A dish brush can be a difficult item to store. Dish brushes are often wet when it has just been used, but where do to put it to let it dry? They often lie on the kitchen counter or in the cupboard underneath the kitchen sink. But how practical it would be to have the dish brush within reach. With this size container you have a nice looking and also a nice storage place for your dish brush. The container is water resistant and due to the material, shape and color, it also looks nice on the kitchen counter. Optionally, you can supplement the storage container with a tray from the same collection. The container fits exactly on the coaster, you could even place another soap dispenser or dish soap on the tray. Your countertop will look neat and tidy with a tray and storage boxes. It also protects your countertop against stains such as soap.


The black rubber storage containers  are waterproof, they can also be used as a vase or as a flower pot. Ideal for small flowers and small mini plants. Is nice on the windowsill or on your desk.

Pencil box

The SEJ Design items, including the black trays, are multifunctional and you can use them wherever you like. These storage boxes are also very practical as a pencil box. Storage your pens and pencils at one place and it will help you to organize your desk. The size is 8x8x12 cm and because of the height of the container you can easily storage pens and pencils.


These trays are not only practical in the kitchen. Also in the bathroom this tray is a ver nice an beautiful solution. The material is soft and does not scratch the sink. This format is very useful for toothbrushes and toothpaste. Here too, you can supplement the containers with a coaster (tray) from SEJ Design. Two to three containers will then fit easely. If you place less containers then there is also space for a soap dispenser.


The container can be washed in the dishwasher and is easy to maintain. If in the course of time some scratches appear on the material or the container becomes a bit duller in color, the black container can easily be polished with some (food) oil. Just after rubbing with a dry cloth, the storage container gets its silky shine back. The storage box is made of synthetic rubber (Polyurethan). A very strong and durable material. It feels like rubber and is just as strong but does not have the nasty smell that rubber does. The storage unit can withstand high and low temperatures (up to 120 degrees and up to -40 degrees). Oil and vinegar and soap have no negative influence on the material.


SEJ Design
8x8x8 cm

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