100% Scandinavisch Design


Moebe Pinch Oak

The Moebe Pinch oak is a handy clip that you can use as a ca..

Moebe Pinch Black

The smallest item in the Moebe collection is the pinch. A ki..

SEJ Design Black Tray X-Small

Beautiful black tray from SEJ Design. This tray is ideal to ..

SEJ Design Tray Black Small

The tray black from SEJ Design is made of rubber and the ide..

SEJ Design Storage Box Black X-Small

Smart designed storage box black from SEJ Design. Multifunct..

SEJ Design Black Storage Box Black XX-Small

Practical black storage container made of rubber suitable fo..

SEJ Design Storage Container Black Small

This black storage container from SEJ Design is nice to use ..

SEJ Design Black Tray Minus

This black tray minus has a very nice size and is useable fo..

SEJ Design Grey Storage Container X-Small

Nice and handy grey storage container (8x8x8 cm) from SEJ De..

SEJ Design Storage Box Grey Small

This grey storage box from SEJ Design is the ideal box for t..

dot aarhus Bulletin Board PAPER-RACK

Scandinavian minimalism on the wall. Nice and simple designe..

dot aarhus BRASS- DOCK Paper/Media Holder

Timeless and stylish paper and media holder from dot aarhus...

dot aarhus BRASS- DOCK Paper/Media Holder

This BRASS-DOCK from dot aarhus is a stylish paper- en media..

dot aarhus Oak Pen Holder PEN- UP

Timeless and stylish oak pen holder PEN-UP from dot aarhus i..

dot aarhus Pen Holder PEN- UP Walnut

Stylish pen holder PEN-UP oak from dot aarhus is based on de..

by Wirth Magnet Shelf Soap Treated Oak (different sizes)

This magnet shelf from by Wirth is simple and timeless, avai..

by Wirth Magnet Shelf Black Oak (different sizes)

The magnet shelf from by Wirth, a nice solution for your kni..

The Oak Men Lebowski Oak

Beautifully designed and multifunctional The Oak Men Lebowsk..

The Oak Men Lebowski Black Oak

Very attractive and multifunctional The Oak Men Lebowski. Th..

IMIForm A5 Notebook Set of 2

Sprout is a set of 2 notebooks in A5 format, with blance pag..
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100% Scandinavisch Design