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Martin Schwartz

Martin Schwartz (born 1974) is a contemporary Danish illustrator and graphic designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
His series of city prints pays tribute to the variety of buildings that can be found in each city. For each poster design, Martin Schwartz invests a lot of time researching the city to fully understand its DNA. Talking to the locals and visiting each neighborhood are all essential parts of his research.

The end result is a stunning rendering that captures the city's most iconic buildings, historic bars and quintessential residential houses in great detail. His illustrations give you the soul of a city in one print. He has released these prints as posters, but also very cool on puzzles.

Martin Schwartz works from his studio in Vesterbro in Copenhagen and his works are sold in select stores in a number of countries. In addition to his own work, Martin Schwartz also works for a number of clients worldwide.

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100% Scandinavisch Design