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Tableware from Scandinavia

Tableware from Scandinavia is very popular because of the beautiful simple shapes and timeless design. A set table with a nice and simple service creates a pleasant atmosphere at the table. Tableware is a real utensil, something you need every day to be able to eat and drink. Of course, tableware is also something to enjoy by, for example, turning your coffee or tea into something special. Use a beautiful or special cup or cup and create a nice moment for yourself.


For many of the Scandinavian dinnerware, it applies that they are easy to combine with each other. In addition to the simple and calm patterns, there are also services that are more exuberant in terms of color and pattern use. The Finnish Marimekko is a good example of this. Although the colors and patterns differ from each other, this service is nevertheless very easy to combine with each other and this service is pre-eminently something that you give yourself or others as gifts.


A service usually consists of different parts. This is different for each type of service. With one brand you will find dishes that are more focused on dinner and have different plates and bowls in the collection, while another brand focuses more on coffee and tea. At Marimekko, on the other hand, all service items are well represented. They design new items throughout the year, including cups and teapots that are particularly easy to combine. Stelton, a Danish brand, best known for its classics and for their beautiful collection of teapots and thermos flasks. For the little ones among us there is nowadays beautiful beautiful children's set available that is made of bamboo and therefore breaks down less quickly and is also better for the environment.

Special designs

Special designs and designs are gladly given as a gift in Scandinavia. But spoil yourself with a special mug or cup is very common in Scandinavia. Designers such as Studio Arhoj, Lars Rank Keramik and Anne Black design their service series themselves. The services of Lars Rank and Studio Arhoj are (largely) made in our own workshops in Copenhagen. They are all unique items and that makes them extra special. If you are in Copenhagen, feel free to take a look at one of the studios.




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Studio Arhoj Sip Cup Pink Mink

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Marimekko Ketunmarja mug 2.5 dl

A new Ketunmarja cup from Marimekko in 2.5dl with the beauti..
€21,00 €14,70

Marimekko Kuusikossa gold 2dl cup

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Marimekko Unikko 2dl coffee cup gold bordeaux

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Marimekko Räsymatto 20cm Pink Plate

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€25,00 €17,50

Marimekko Unikko set of 2 mini plates 10x10 cm gold bordeaux

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Studio Arhoj Sip Cup Lake Shoji

The Studio Arhoj Sip cup Lake Shoji is a hand-molded and gla..

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Marimekko Unikko Cup Black Beige 2,5dl

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€21,00 €14,70

Marimekko Ketunmarja tin box 11x11x17.5cm

A handy and beautiful large storage tin from Marimekko with ..

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Marimekko Ruudut mug 2 dl without ear – set of 2 in Jubilee packaging

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€36,00 €25,20

Liewood Pink Silicone Placemat Cat

Liewood pink silicone place mat cat for the table Who does n..

Marimekko Juhla Unikko mug 2,5dl zwart-wit set of 2 light beige / light aqua

Marimekko is 70 years old and they are celebrating that with..
€44,00 €30,80

Marimekko Sääpäiväkirja 25cm Plate

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Marimekko Tiiliskivi 2 dl coffee cup red

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Marimekko Sääpäiväkirja Bowl 2,5dl

The Oiva Sääpäiväkirja 2.5dl dish is a multifunctional b..

Marimekko Unikko Cup 2,5dl mix colours

A unique Unikko Ralli cup from Marimekko in 2.5dl, the ideal..
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