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Ania is a Danisch design Studio established by the danisch graphic designer Anja Skov. Her work characterized by clear and clean lines. In combination with her great passion for design grows beautiful, almost sculptural, shapes. Through her designs, the usage of pure and natural materials, the products are timeless and will last for years.

Timeless Danish design

Timeless design is characterized by simplicity of design and the use of materials. The designs of Ania are mainly beautiful utensils but also objects that give your house something special. The combination of matte glazes in combination with the soft colors give these products a simple and timeless appearance. The colors are matte, have a special structure or are sometimes provided with a small speckle, which ensures that the design of the vases and storage jars gets an extra dimension.

Beautiful gift

A vase or storage jar is a nice gift to give or to receive. A unique gift that has a fine Scandinavian appearance due to its sleek design and fits in many different interiors. A good example of timeless Danish design that you will enjoy for many years.

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100% Scandinavisch Design