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MOEBE is a Danish design studio based in Copenhagen. The studio consists of furniture maker Anders Thams and two architects Nicholas Oldroyd and Martin D Christensen. All designs that they release under the Moebe brand come from their hand and are really an example for current Scandinavian design.

Simplicity in design.

At MOEBE they like to keep things simple, under the guise of 'the world is complicated enough'. Their designs are very pure, simple and reduced to the essence. This has reduced the designs to the simplest form. The designers make intuitive and honest products. You might also describe it as 'what you see is what you get'. The products are very clear in shape, clear parts and therefore also very easy to use. The designs have only a few parts that you can easily put together.


The Moebe collection consists of home accessories and furniture made of oak and metal. Their most famous design is the Frame, the transparent frame in various sizes and materials. The list is the example of a design that has been reduced to its essence. A frame, an inner part and something with which you can hang it. The rubber band with which you can hang the frame also holds the frame parts together, so that no screws or nails are used. A list that is very popular due to its many options. Not only can you frame a poster, but also individual parts such as petals. A list that invites you to occasionally change the content.

Danish Design Collection

The candlestick is also an example of simplicity in design. By bending 1 thread, they have created a candlestick that is stable and focuses on the candle. They then applied metal bending in several designs. The table mirror also has a beautifully curved base and the wall hook is also made of 1 thread. In addition to home accessories, MOEBE has expanded their collection to include furniture. One of the furniture is the 'Shelving system'. An open cupboard that consists of metal posts, boards and plugs that you use to secure the boards to the posts. A cabinet system that is expandable and flexible in design. We are curious about what beautiful design MOEBE will continue to surprise us in the coming years.

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€39,95 €25,00

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