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100% Scandinavisch Design

SEJ Design

SEJ Design is a Danish family business with a long history that goes back to 130 years. The name SEJ Design is derived from the initials of the founder's eldest son. In addition, sejt in Danish means cool, so cool design!

Multifunctional and practical design

The collection of SEJ Design includes various trays/coasters and trays in various sizes. They are very practical and multifunctional at the same time. The trays and trays can also be easily combined with each other. A number of the trays and trays have the same size, making them easy to fit together and can be used as a practical set for the kitchen, bathroom or study. The nice thing about this product is that it can be used in many places and is also very strong.


The products of SEJ Design are made of polyurethane rubber, a synthetic rubber that is non-toxic. The material is strong and has all the good properties of rubber without the annoying smell of rubber. The production process is 100% environmentally friendly and the products are designed in Denmark and produced in Poland. The design is timeless and durable and of a very good quality. The products feel warm and have a silky and exclusive appearance. At SEJ Design, respect for each other and the environment are paramount. That is why their products are not packaged in plastic, out of concern for people and the environment.


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SEJ Design Tray Black Small 9x25cm

The tray black from SEJ Design is made of rubber and the ide..

SEJ Design Black Tray X-Small 9x18cm

Beautiful black tray from SEJ Design. This tray is ideal to ..

SEJ Design Container Black Small 8x8x12cm

This black storage container from SEJ Design is nice to use ..

SEJ Design Black Tray 25x40cm

This black tray x-large is very practical for your espresso ..

SEJ Design Storage Container Black 10x10x10cm

Nice and handy storage container from SEJ Design. This size ..

SEJ Design Black Storage Box Black XX-Small 8x8x6cm

Practical black storage container made of rubber suitable fo..

SEJ Design Black Soap Dish 9x12 cm

Practical black soap dish from SEJ Design. The black contain..

SEJ Design Black wooden lid for container10x10x10cm

A nice addition to the collection is this black wooden lid t..

SEJ Design Placemat Oval 47 x 34 cm

Beautiful oval black placemat from SEJ Design. The placemat ..

SEJ Design Round Coaster Black Ø 10 cm

Very practical round coaster for bottles such as wine, whisk..

SEJ Design Kitchen Roll Holder Black

This kitchen roll holder black from SEJ Design is very pract..

SEJ Design Box Black X-Small 8x8x8cm

Smart designed storage box black from SEJ Design. Multifunct..

SEJ Design Placemat Round Ø 39cm

Nice place mat around in a large format of SEJ Design. The r..

SEJ Design Tray black 24x33x3cm A4 size paper fits

This tray from Sej design has a very nice size, because it f..

SEJ Design Storage Box Black 20x9x18cm

This black storage box is perfect for storing ladles. The st..

SEJ Design Black Square 20x20cm

Black square tray made of rubber is a fine-sized coaster. To..

SEJ Design Black Tray Minus 16x22cm

This black tray minus has a very nice size and is useable fo..

SEJ Design Black wooden lid for container 8 x 8 x 6/8/12cm

A nice addition to the collection is this black wooden lid t..

SEJ Design Black wooden lid for container12x12x12cm

A nice addition to the collection is this black wooden lid t..

SEJ Design Tray Black Large 19x37cm

This large black tray has a nice rectangular format. You can..

SEJ Design Flowerpot Round Black Rubber (various sizes)

Beautiful round black flower pot from the Danish SEJ Design...

SEJ Design Flowerpot Black 14x14x14cm

Beautiful black flower pot (14x14x14 cm) from the Danish SEJ..

SEJ Design Black Serving Tray Round Ø 32cm

Beautiful black tray in a practical round size (Ø 32 cm). V..

SEJ Design Black Rubberen egg cup

A sturdy egg cup made of black rubber from the Danish brand ..
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