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Flensted Mobiles

Flensted Mobiles is a Danish family business passed down from generation to generation. The very first mobile was created in 1953 by Christian and Grethe Flensted. This was the 'Danish Lucky Storks', which he made especially for the christening of his daughter Mette. Christian Flensted became known as the 'Uromager', 'mobile maker' (Uro is the old Danish word for mobile and 'skinny' for maker) or 'maker of things that are always in motion'. A nice description of his ability to create beautiful classic designs that are fun and unique and that could create movement and balance.

A Flensted mobile is handmade in Denmark with a perfect combination of love, dedication and quality, giving you a unique design. Flensted Mobiles has been a family business for generations; Grethe and Christian Flensted were at the helm for 28 years before their son Ole and his wife Aase took over in 1982.

Flensted Mobiles – how it started

It started with a stork, in the form of a small mobile with three small storks, which the founder Christian Flensted made for the baptism of his daughter Mette. The mobile consisted of two straws and three paper storks. This beautiful mobile was immediately picked up as a fun, ingenious and personal gift. A year after his daughter's baptism, he therefore founded Flensted Mobiles with his wife Grethe and their house also became a workshop. In 1956 the Flensted family returned to their native island of Funen. Here the family and the company settled in an idyllic farm with attached workshop near Tommerup. By 1972 production had increased to such an extent that a new move was necessary. This time it was to the former school 'Frederiksminde', near Brenderup and also on Funen. This old, historically interesting building is still the home of Flensted Mobiles.

New Generation
In 1982 Grethe and Christian Flensted decided to pass the baton to Ole. Ole took over the management of the company together with his wife Aase. The older generation gave space to the younger ones, so that they could leave their mark on the company. New mobiles were put on the drawing board and the collection was expanded. Ole Flensted is involved in the whole process, from the first concept and sketches to the finished mobile.

100% Danish design

A Flensted mobile is not only designed in Denmark, it is also handmade in Denmark. Their first mobile, the stork mobile, was assembled by Christian and Grethe themselves. Due to the great success, they soon couldn't keep up with the demand and started asking their neighbors for help with assembling the mobiles. This resulted in the Flensted home workers concept. Instead of having 60 people drive to a factory every day to assemble mobiles, they work from their own homes scattered across the island of Funen. Every two weeks, all home workers are visited to give them supplies for new mobiles in exchange for assembled ones, which are packaged and ready to ship. Flensted has been using this production method for over 60 years. It saves more than 15 tons of fuel per year.

Timeless design

An important feature of all Flensted Mobiles is their timelessness. In addition, the great diversity of themes. You obviously have a Christmas theme, but animals are also an important theme in the collection. On the other hand, there is also a wide range of abstract mobiles. Who else but Ole Flensted could imagine a Mozart symphony as mobile? Music is perhaps the closest, to the effect of mobiles, with their balance, rhythm and constant movement. The best movement is obtained by finding the exact equilibrium point. Each mobile is carefully assembled and balanced by skilled hands.

The philosophy in their product design and process is the concentration on a combination of aesthetics, ethics and sustainability. They strive to use the best possible quality in materials to ensure that the mobiles can be passed down from generation to generation as heirlooms.

Move your world
There is a Flensted mobile for everyone, whether you like color or black and white, whether you are young or old. Even in an apparently quiet room, the mobiles can catch the slightest airflow and dance for you. Just like being completely absorbed in music, watching the slow motion of a mobile is a remedy for stress.


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