100% Scandinavisch Design

Gifts for men

Lars Rank Keramik Handmade Dots Cup Grey 1,5 dl

This sleek and simply designed white cup Dots from Lars Rank..

OYOY Ribbo Placemats Black Oval

Beautiful classic oval silicone placemat from OYOY. The plac..

Teemu Järvi Poster Gentle Bear 30 x 40 cm

For those who love bears, this bear poster is a nice gift. T..

Teemu Järvi Poster Elk 50 x 70 cm

If you are thinking of Sweden, Norway or Finland, you are al..

Studio Arhoj Munch Bowl Storm Cloud

The Munch Bowl Storm Cloud is a unique and handmade bowl fro..

Studio Arhoj Munch Bowl Finland Forrest

The Munch Bowl Finland Forrest is a unique and handmade bowl..

Studio Arhoj Dip Dish Static

The Dip Dish Static is a small ceramic bowl. The dish has a ..

Marimekko Räsymatto Bowl 3lt

A nice extra large 3lt Räsymatto dish to serve a large sala..

Marimekko Räsymatto kitchen apron

Also look charming in the kitchen in this Räsymatto kitchen..

Marimekko Räsymatto espresso cup and plate

Drinking espresso is very nice with this Räsymatto espresso..

Faunascapes Poster Bear 50 x 70cm

Faunascapes poster Beer, the landscape in the bear is a fjor..

Faunascapes Poster Eagle 50 x 70cm

Faunascapes poster Eagle, landscape in eagle is the view of ..

The Oak Men Lebowski Black Oak

Attractive and multifunctional 'bowling ball' Lebowski from ..

OYOY Placemat Anthracite Black Stripe Rectangle

Beautiful anthracite placemats with a sleek black stripe. Wi..

OYOY Placemat Dark Grey Lines Pattern Rectangle

Beautiful dark grey placemats with a nice white line pattern..

Kähler Design Glazed Cone Teal Blue H150mm

The teal blue glazed Cone by Kähler design, is very decorat..

Kähler Design Glazed Cone Spotted H150mm

The spotted glazed Cone by Kähler design, is very decorativ..

OYOY Sporta Basket Black Bamboo

This beautiful Sporta basket black is made of bamboo has a n..

OYOY Pif Paf Puf 3 Hanging Storage

The beautiful hanging pot Pif Paf Puf is a beautiful decorat..

Kähler Design Urbania Light House Moderna H95mm

The Urbania Light house Moderna is inspired by the world-fam..

Kähler Design Urbania Light House Funkis H145mm

With this Urbania light house Funkis, the designers wanted t..

Liewood Estella Water Bottle Black

Nice water bottle Estella black from Liewood. Keeps your fav..

by May Silicone Pot Coaster Lightgrey

These pot coasters made of silicone can always be used in th..

By May Coasters Darkgrey Set of 4

These dark grey coasters are made of silicone and designed b..
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100% Scandinavisch Design