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Marimekko is a Finnish design brand that is known for its original prints and use of colour. They make sustainable and timeless scandinavian design. Every Marimekko product has something special, that makes people fall in love with the design and treat it lovingly.

Timeless and functional, that is the focus when designing, this creates products that you can enjoy for a long time. No trendy design, although it regularly fits well with the trends of the moment.

Marimekko Finnish design

It started in 1949, when Viljo Ratia founded Printex, a small textile printing company in Helsinki. His wife Armi Ratia, saw a great future in textile design. She gathered young designers around her and asked them to design innovative textile prints. There were many admirers for these textile prints, but unfortunately no buyers. She was looking for the solution in a fashion show with designs by fashion designer Riitta Immonen with the beautiful textile prints. This was a great success.

And Marimekko was born on May 25, 1951, and the first store was opened in Helsinki that same year. The logo as we know it was designed in 1954 and is inspired by the simplicity of the Olivetti typewriter letters.

The Oiva service was designed by Sami Ruotsalainen and came to the shops in 2009. The first prints for the ceramic service were designed by Maija Louekari.

Marimekko Tableware collections

The marimekko tableware collection consists of a permanent collection and temporary collections. The permanent collection is the basis (Oiva off-white, Siirtolapuutarha, Räsymatto and Unikko design) and occasionally some changes or items are added.

The temporary marimekko tableware collections appear a few times a year and are available while supplies last. These temporary collections are slightly different, different patterns and colors, but can still be combined with the permanent collection. Sometimes temporary collections are added to the permanent collection for a few years and are available for longer. Because of the temporary collections you can put together a unique collection.

Mix Marimekko designs

The power of Marimekko lies in, among other things, the ability to mix the various designs. Because the basic shapes of the service are always the same, it ensures peace and you can go ahead in terms of designs. You do not have to purchase the service in one go. On the contrary, it is nice to always buy a few items and gradually expand your collection. Some people choose to have everything in 1 design, some mix it loose.

Create your own unique Marimekko dinnerware collection!

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€25,00 €17,50

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