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Moebe frames - transparent frames

The MOEBE frames are a special asset to your home. The transparent photo frames give every piece of art, every photo and every handicraft that little bit extra. You can choose whether you want a transparent frame or not. Do you want a wooden frame made of oak or ash wood or do you prefer an aluminum frame in black, white or a colour? The choice is huge and therefore you can always find a suitable MOEBE frame for what you want to frame.

Danish design

These beautiful frames were designed by the Danish Design studio MOEBE, based in Copenhagen. In all their designs, they try to go the extra mile. To completely dissect a product and keep only what is necessary for its function. And that's exactly what this list is. It has 4 frame parts, 2 plexiglass plates, between which you can frame something and a rubber band, with which everything is held together and with which you can also hang the frame. A perfect piece of Danish design!

MOEBE wooden frame

The first MOEBE wooden frame came on the market in 2014. At the time I ran my very first webshop "uit 't Noorden". When I saw these lists at the purchasing fair in Denmark, I immediately fell in love. The special thing is that I have seen MOEBE grow since then. From the start, I noticed at MOEBE that making quality products and delivering quality was extremely important to them. A concession in this was not possible and they preferred to stop with a product as soon as they noticed that they could not guarantee the quality, rather than continue and settle for less.

Can you frame everything in a MOEBE frame?

You can frame almost anything you want in the aluminum and wooden frames, as long as it is flat. A little bit of thickness is also possible, but make sure that it is in the middle of the frame and can be framed with a certain distance from the frame parts. You can frame your daughter or son's beautiful artwork, an old photo of grandma, your own artwork, or even your mother's crochet.

You can also work with the seasons, such as framing leaves, grasses and flowers. The important thing in that is that what you frame is dry. That is why it is recommended to always let the items from nature dry in a book or something similar. How long this should take depends on whether it is a fallen leaf or a fresh flower. A flower has to be drier for longer, because it contains more moisture than in a fallen leaf. You can also do everything immediately in the frame, but then there is a chance that it will mold in the frame because the moisture cannot escape.



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