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Welcome to the most frequently asked questions about ORDERING in our webshop. If your question is not listed, please look at the other topics at the bottom of our webshop first. You can also always call us / send WhatsApp  06-53894046 (Ingrid),  send a message via the contact page or send an email ( [email protected] ). We respond within a few hours on work days.



Due to national measures, our physical store will be closed from December 15th. The webshop remains open and orders can be placed. We ship the orders daily as normal. Do take into account that there is an increase in online orders. We ship everything on time (ordered before 2.00 pm is shipped the same day on time (NL)), but depend on how busy the shipping parties are, your order will have a normal or longer shipping time. So order on time if you want something at home for a specific date.


How can I order?

  • Under our logo you’ll see a blue bar with the categories and brands where you can look up articles. At the top left you will find a search function if necessary. Find the article of your choice, click on the photo for more information. If you want to order the product after reading all the information, then enter the desired amount and select whether you would like a gift-wrapped purchase. By pressing the 'in shopping cart' button you ensure that the item ends up in your shopping cart. A confirmation appears at the top of the shop that the product has been added to your shopping cart. By clicking on the shopping cart at the top right you will end up in your shopping cart.


The ordering process then proceeds in 3 steps:

Step 1 - Check your shopping cart

  • During this step you check the items that you have put in the shopping cart. If necessary, you can adjust the numbers and remove or add articles. If you have a gift voucher or discount code you can also enter it here. Then click on the ' Complete order' button.


Step 2 - Enter information

  • During this step you enter your details, such as, name, address and e-mail address. If you want to have your order sent to a different address and / or person, you can indicate this here. If you want to add a personal message to the gift, enter it in the ' comments' box, then make sure we’ll add it to a card. Make a choice whether you will pick up your order or have it delivered. You can also choose a different delivery date here or, if you find this easier, a PostNL location, so that you can pick up your order there. At the bottom, choose the desired payment method and tick the box to receive our monthly newsletter. By clicking on the 'Buy' button you agree with our terms and conditions. Check all entered data carefully again. If you want to adjust something with the chosen products, go back one screen with the arrow in your browser or click on the shopping cart. Once everything is correct, click on the green ' Buy' button. This makes your order final and you will be redirected to your chosen payment method.


Step 3 - Pay for the order

  • After you have clicked on "Buy" you will be automatically sent to the payment environment of your choice. When you have completed this payment process, you will return to the ordering process, where your order will be confirmed. You will receive a confirmation in your mailbox from us within a few minutes. If you have ordered your order before 4 p.m. on weekdays, the order will still be shipped the same day (except Backorders). You will receive your order within 1-2 working days if you live in The Netherlands, unless stated otherwise with the ordered product.


Do I need an account to order something?

  • No, you do not need an account to order something. It is possible to create an account when you place an order, read here about the benefits of having an account with us.


Are all items in stock?

  • Most products that are visible in the web store are in stock. If a product is not in stock, but can be ordered (it is visible in the shop), then it is clearly stated at the top right of the product that it is a BACKORDER. That means that if you order it, we will order this product for you at the brand. If you also order products that are in stock in the same order, we will keep them until your order is complete and we ship everything together.


If a product is no longer in stock, can I still order it?

  • Yes and no. Most products become invisible as soon as they are sold out. If you still want to order this, please send us an email ( [email protected]) then we can see if we can still order this product for you. Some products are still visible as soon as they are sold out. As soon as you order it, it becomes a so-called 'back order'. The product also states what the delivery time of this product is. After ordering this product we will keep you informed of the delivery.


Can I also adjust or cancel my order?

  • It is no problem to change or cancel your order. We do, however, request that you let us know as soon as possible regarding the processing of your order and the shipment. Call us immediately (06-53894046 (Ingrid) or send us an email to [email protected] stating the order number). If the order has already been sent, it is unfortunately no longer possible to change or cancel it. Please note that we ship all orders around 4 p.m. on business days and sometimes on Saturdays, so contact us before that time.


Can I also have my order packed as a gift?

  • Yes, you can have your order packed as a gift. You can indicate this directly with the product you want to order. Before adding the selected product to the shopping basket, select for whom the gift is (woman, man or child). You can even indicate below if it is for a special occasion, such as birth, marriage, Christmas, Sinterklaas or birthday. We make it a nice gift for free, even if it's for yourself. You can also give the gift a personal message. Then write it in the box: comments during the completion of your order.


Can my order also be sent as a gift to another address?

  • Yes, you can have your order delivered directly to another address. You can indicate this during the order procedure under 'send to another address'. Do not forget to write your personal message in the box: comments, so that the recipient knows who the gift belongs to. If you have also ordered items that are for you, we cannot split your order in half for you. The entire order is sent to one address.


I am Dutch (or Belgian), but live abroad, can I also place an order and have it delivered?

  • Yes, that's possible. You can simply place your order and enter your current address. You can also specify a different delivery address, even if you want to have your order delivered in the Netherlands (or Belgium). We have many countries in our shop as standard, where you can have your order sent to. If the country of your choice is not listed, send us a message via the contact page or send us an email ([email protected]).


How does a backorder work?

  • If a product can be ordered on 'backorder', this is clearly stated at the top right of the product page. It means that the product is not in stock at that time and we will order it for you. For backorders, there’s indication of the delivery time, usually this is between 1-4 weeks. If you add other products to your shopping basket that are in stock, then these products will be saved and sent together with your 'backorder' product. If you prefer to receive a product earlier, place two separate orders. If you place 1 order above 70, - (NL) or 100, - (BE) (which means free shipping) and when you split the order it’s below the mentioned amount, order them separately, we will remove the shipping costs for 1 order, so you only have to pay shipping costs once. Send us an email after placing your order or mention this in the comments field in your shopping cart.


What happens when I order multiple products with different delivery times?

  • If you order products with different delivery times, you will have to wait until the order is complete. If you prefer to receive a product earlier, place two separate orders. If you place 1 order above 70, - (NL) or 100, - (BE) (which means free shipping) and when you split the order it’s below the mentioned amount, order them separately, we will remove the shipping costs for 1 order, so you only have to pay shipping costs once. Send us an email after placing your order or mention this in the comments field in your shopping cart.


How do I use a discount code?

  • If you want to use a discount code, enter the code during the ordering process when completing your order. Please note: you can only use one discount code per order.


Can I also buy from you for business?

  • Yes, you can order for business with us. When completing your order, you can indicate that it is a business order, this allows you to enter your company name and VAT number. If you want to order large quantities, please contact us in advance. Send us a message with your wish via the contact page or send us an email ( [email protected]).


What do you do with my data?

  • The data that we have from you is the data that you have entered yourself to be able to order. This data is only used to send the relevant order to you. Your data is not distributed or sold to third parties. You will also only receive the newsletter if you have indicated this yourself.




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