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HEJ! Welcome at blikfang

We are the department store for Scandinavian design, design that is made with love and attention. In our webshop and our physical store in Deventer you will find well-known major brands and we are a platform for emerging talent.

The name blikfang comes from Danish and means eye-catcher in Dutch. Blikfang stands for 100% Scandinavian design, selected on the basis of sustainability in design and quality. Design that you will enjoy for years to come.
In our store you will find a nicely varied selection of home products that bring atmosphere and cosiness into your home and that you will enjoy using every day.


winkel blikfang 2 - Ingrid Deenen - foto lizetbeek.nl

Photo made by Lizet from LizetBeek.nl


The start

I discovered my love for the Nordic countries in 2007, when I first visited the Danish city Copenhagen. A great city, where I felt at home from the very first moment. What attracts me to Scandinavian design is the simplicity in terms of design, the beautiful quality materials and the inventiveness of the design. I like it when products can be used for different purposes, so you can enjoy the product for an extra long time.

For years I had the dream of having my own store, a web store with Scandinavian design seemed a logical step. In 2013 I therefore opened a web store from 't Noorden with great pleasure. After 5 years, a collaboration with another entrepreneur started. Together with Jacqueline Assink (then owner of webshop Mette & Pernille) I started a new webshop on 23 May 2018 :blikfang. This gave us the opportunity to work together and discover even more beautiful Scandinavian brands together.

In May 2020, Jacqueline stopped at blikfang and I, Ingrid, continued with blikfang.

At October 8, 2020 I have opened a physical store in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Deventer, in that way you can admire, feel and try the collection in person. That sometimes makes the choice a little easier.

My goal with blikfang is to continue to surprise you with beautiful high-quality design, which you do not find on every street corner. Beautiful functional design that contributes to a more pleasant life and gives you years of enjoyment thanks to its quality. The design may start to live, may show signs of use, because the Scandinavians love that too. Design is there to use, to enjoy. Sometimes you may have to save up for it and look forward to it. Or do you perhaps buy an item every year, in order to build a beautiful set after a number of years, completely to your liking. If I can help you make a choice, let me know and I will be happy to help you.

Have fun in the webshop or visit our store in Deventer (Nieuwstraat 51).


Lovely greetings,


winkel blikfang - Ingrid Deenen - foto lizetbeek.nl

Photo made by Lizet from LizetBeek.nl



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