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HEJ! Welcome at blikfang

We are the online warehouse for Scandinavian design, design that is made with love and care. In our webshop you'll find big famous brands aswel as up and coming talent.

The name blikfang comes from the Danish word eyecatcher. Blikfang stands for 100% Scandinavian design, selected on the basis of durability in design and quality. Design that you'll enjoy for years to come.

In our webshop you'll find a nice and varied selection of home products, that'll bring coziness and a homey atmosphere that you'll enjoy using every day.





In 2002 we went on vacation to Denmark, where I (Jacqueline) found my passion for beautiful and unique Scandinavian design. I love the simple forms and the Danish design classics from the 60's. Besides that I love watching Scandinavian series while enjoying a nice piece of 'drømmekage' ( Danish cake). 


In 2014 I started my webshop Mette & Pernille with which I introduced the Dutch to Lars Rank. I love minimalistic design and pure materials, like wood and ceramics. It's beautiful to see how proudly the Danish still use their old crafts in designs that look modern. There is a lot of appreciation for that in Denmark.

I love how I can share my passion with Ingrid. We quickly found out that we're perfectly aligned on so many things. It was inevitable that we'd combined our strengths and start a webshop together.




I only found out about my love for the high north in 2007, when I visited the Danish capital Copenhagen. An awesome city, where I felt at home the very first time I visited. For years I had the dream of starting my own shop, a webshop with Scandinavian design seemed like the most sensical step to take.

In 2013 I opened with loads of excitement my webshop uit 't Noorden.

The simplistic design, beautiful qualitative materials and inventiveness of the design is what drew me to Scandinavian Design.

I love when products can be used for different purposes since it'll mean that you'll enjoy it for longer.


Through our own webshops I came into contact with Jacqueline and we soon found out that we loved the same brands and materials.

Slowely we started to help each other and started to build on the idea of opening a webshop together from which you can see the endresult right here: blikfang.

We hope you enjoy our webshop and if there are any questions or remarks, we'll gladly hear them.


Best regards,

Team blikfang


Jacqueline & Ingrid




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