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Teemu Järvi

Teemu Järvi is a Finnish artist and designer. His work is diverse, from illustrations for books and magazines to creating product designs and concepts. Nature is central to his work, because that is his great love. He likes to explore nature and likes to stay in the Finnish forests and around lakes. Because he stays a lot there, he sees a lot and that inspiration is reflected in his work.

He works with traditional tools such as the reed pen. The illustrations he makes will take you from the hectic city life to the peaceful wilderness.

Teemu Järvi illustrations

He made most of the illustrations that you find in our shop with ink and made a print of them. All paper and wood products are printed in Finland in an environmentally friendly way and made from certified materials (FSC).

In Finland there is an organization "The Association for Finnish Work" that promotes and supports work by Finnish companies. Teemu Järvi may use 2 labels of their own; the "key flag" symbol - you recognize products produced in Finland; and the ‘design from finland’ symbol, which you get when you design your products in Finland and invest in design.





Our collection of Teemu Järvi includes beautiful posters with animals in their natural (active) position, available in various sizes. This Finnish design deserves a place in many houses and fits very easily in many interiors. Because of the peace in the posters, in terms of colour, they fit both in quiet light interiors and in more colourful interiors. You can frame the poster in a suitable frame or use the wooden frames from Teemu Järvi itself, between which you clamp the poster.

You can combine the posters with other posters in your house or you make a nice combination of 2 animals (we also give suggestions with the posters).


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