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Organise your home

Create an organized home and find the stuff you need in an easy way. Use different boxes for different objectives. Don't forget to use the walls for storage. You can use VertiPlants in areas of your home, where you have lack of floorspace, but a lot of free walls.

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Moebe Pinch Oak

The Moebe Pinch oak is a handy clip that you can use as a ca..

Moebe Pinch Black

The smallest item in the Moebe collection is the pinch. A ki..

Ania Karen White Jar with Lid

Decorative and stylish white jar with lid from Ania Design S..

SEJ Design Tray Black Small 9x25cm

The tray black from SEJ Design is made of rubber and the ide..

SEJ Design Box Black X-Small 8x8x8cm

Smart designed storage box black from SEJ Design. Multifunct..

SEJ Design Black Storage Box Black XX-Small 8x8x6cm

Practical black storage container made of rubber suitable fo..

SEJ Design Container Black Small 8x8x12cm

This black storage container from SEJ Design is nice to use ..

SEJ Design Cylinder Vase Black 14x17cm

This cylinder vase black from SEJ Design is practical and at..

SEJ Design Black Tray 25x40cm

This black tray x-large is very practical for your espresso ..

SEJ Design Storage Box Black 20x9x18cm

This black storage box is perfect for storing ladles. The st..

SEJ Design Storage Container Black 12x12x12cm

Nice and practical storage container medium from SEJ Design...

SEJ Design Grey Storage Container X-Small

Nice and handy grey storage container (8x8x8 cm) from SEJ De..
€10,75 €6,45

SEJ Design Storage Box Grey Small

This grey storage box from SEJ Design is the ideal box for t..
€12,75 €7,65

OYOY Repo Bag Grey Storage Bag Small

Cool and practical storage repo bag grey from OYOY. The stor..
€29,95 €20,96

OYOY Repo Bag Beige Storage Bag Large

Cool and handy storage repo bag beige from OYOY. The storage..
€47,50 €33,25

OYOY Sporta Basket Black Bamboo

This beautiful Sporta black basket is made of bamboo with a ..

OYOY Sporta Basket Nature Bamboo

This beautiful Sporta basket nature is made of bamboo has a ..

Studio Arhoj Sing Jar Pink (different sizes)

The Sing jar from Studio Arhoj is cast by hand and finished ..

Verti Copenhagen VertiPlants Mini Roze Black

VertiPlants cm are primarily developed as a plant pot on the..
€26,95 €19,95

Verti Copenhagen VertiPlants Mini Pink

VertiPlants Mini of 15x15 is nice for the small plants and h..
€26,95 €10,78

SEJ Design Storage Container Black 10x10x10cm

Nice and handy storage container from SEJ Design. This size ..

Verti Copenhagen VertiPlants BIO Wall Jar White 30x30cm

This VertiPlants BIO Wall Pot is made of plants (instead of ..

Verti Copenhagen VertiPlants BIO Wall Jar White Mini 15x15cm

This VertiPlants BIO Wall Pot is made of plants (instead of ..

Verti Copenhagen VertiPlants BIO Wall Jar Black 30x30cm

This VertiPlants BIO Wall Pot is made of plants (instead of ..
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100% Scandinavisch Design