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Coasters protect your table or kitchen counter against stains and or watermarks from glasses or a cup of hot coffee. Or even a hot pan can damage your table or kitchen counter without the use of a coaster. Coasters will help you to keep your kitchen counter or table clean and tidy. Coaster are not only functional and practical, they are also very decorative. Use them for example for herbs in the kitchen or for candles on the table.

Different materials en forms

Coaster can be made from different materials like metal, terrazzo, wood or cork. Some of the coasters are made from silicone. Silicone is a material who is resistant to heat and moist. So it is very practical in use for a warm cup of coffee or tea or a hot pan. It's also very easy to clean. In our collection you will find a lot of different coasters. Special made for glases, cups or pan in different forms and colors. Each brand makes different patterns en the variation go's from beautiful prints and lovely images. 

Swedish design

In our large collection you will find coasters from Swedish designers like IMIForm and By May. The coasters from IMIForm are round and made out of beech wood and a lovely print. The designs form By May are more graphic designed. Special decorative are the graphic designed coasters (city trivets)from Men At Work. 

Danish design

Practical and decorative are the coasters from OK Design. Use them on your kitchen counter for your teapot or use it as a underground for herbs or salt and pepper. Do you prefer silicone coasters, then the coaster from OYOY could be the perfect match for you.

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By May Coasters Lightgreen Set of 4

These silicone coasters in light green from the Swedish Desi..

By May Silicone Coasters Lightgrey 4p

The silicone coasters in light grey from Swedish Design stud..

SEJ Design Round Coaster Black Ø 10 cm

Very practical round coaster for bottles such as wine, whisk..

IMIForm Birch Coaster Wood

The birch coaster Wood is one of the coasters from the beaut..

by May Silicone Pot Coaster Black

A nice pot coaster in black from the Swedish studio by May. ..

Marimekko Joonas Cork Trivet 20cm

A beautiful cork coaster by Marimekko with the Joonas design..

by Wirth Table Frame trivet nature oak

The 'Table Frame' from the Danish brand by Wirth is a classi..

IMIForm Birch Coaster Face Left

The birch coaster Face Left is one of the coasters from the ..

by May Wooden Pot Coaster Lightgreen

Cube is the wooden pot coaster that can really be seen in yo..

IMIForm Birch Coaster Fabric

The birch coaster Fabric is one of the coasters from the bea..

by May Silicone Pot Coaster Mustard

This mustard pot coaster provides colour in your kitchen or ..

by May Silicone Pot Coaster Nude

The nude pot coaster from by May is a Swedish design item. T..

by May Silicone Pot Coaster Lightgrey

These pot coasters made of silicone can always be used in th..

by May Silicone Pot Coaster Lightgreen

Always handy to have a few of these silicone pot coasters on..

Men At Work City Trivet Stockholm

This City Trivet Stockholm by Men at Work is perfect for fan..

IMIForm Birch Coaster Face Right

The birch coaster Face Right is one of the coasters from the..

Men At Work City Trivet Älmhult

The City Trivet Älmhult is for fans of Sweden and did you k..

Men At Work City Trivet Gävle

The City Trivet Gävle is for fans of Sweden and you might b..

Men At Work City Trivet Uppsala

The City Trivet Uppsala from Men at Work is for fans of Swed..

Men At Work City Trivet Copenhagen - København

This City Trivet København is of course indispensable for C..

Men At Work City Trivet Milano

The City Trivet Milano is one of the world cities where a co..

Men At Work City Trivet Aarhus

The City Trivet Aarhus is for fans of this beautiful Danish ..

Men At Work City Trivet Helsinki

The City Trivet Helsinki is for fans of Finland, the city wh..

Men At Work City Trivet Jönköping

The City Trivet Jönköping is for fans of Sweden and you mi..
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