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OMM design - toys

OMM Design Animal Puzzle Game

The Animal puzzle game is a fun game from 3 years with a dic..

OMM Design Chasing Colours Game

The chasing colours game is a fun game, where everything rev..

OMM Design Floor Memo Game Faces XL

This memory game is XL and has faces as a theme. A classic i..

OMM Design Floor Memo Game Classic XL

This memory game is XL is the classic version with beautiful..

OMM Design Memo Game Faces

Incredibly original faces memory game for children. A memory..

OMM Design 3D Puzzle Artists

A nice gift to give, this 3D Puzzle with 12 artists. The set..

OMM design Stickerbook

A Sticker Book full of nice stickers from illustrations by I..

OMM Design Stacking Blocks

A beautiful stacking block set of 10 blocks of sturdy cardbo..
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100% Scandinavisch Design