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Thermo cups and waterbottles praktical to go

Thermo cups and water bottles keep your drink nice and cool or warm. Ideal for on the road, to work, school or during a picnic. They come in all shapes and sizes. For coffee and tea or to take your favorite drink with you in the car or train, but also simply at home behind your desk. Thermo cups and water bottles are many different designs and some have exuberant and simple stylish prints.

Thermo cups

If you like to take coffee or tea with you on the road, then thermo cups are the solution. They keep your drink nice and warm, or cool if you bring something cold. The thermo cups come in different sizes and types. For the road, well-closable cups that keep your coffee or tea nice and warm are so practical. Are you working at home, are you sitting on a balcony or terrace and do not want to walk back and forth for coffee, then the cups with a handy silicone cap are easy. They ensure that you can enjoy a nice long time and your drink stays nice and warm.

Water bottles

Water bottles are very suitable for water, cold drinks, but did you know that you can also take very good hot drinks with you? The water bottles are usually available in the form of stainless steel bottles. They have a handy screw cap and some bottles also have a handy sports cap, which makes drinking easy while exercising. The stainless steel water bottles are very suitable to take to school. They have two caps, including a sports cap, which is easy to open for a smaller child.


Water bottles and thermo cups are better for the environment than the use of plastic bottles for water or lemonade. This also applies to coffee cups that you get at stations and gas stations, among other things, when you buy coffee. Bring your own cup and have it filled on the road or bring your own drink from home, that saves a lot of plastic and cardboard and is better for the environment.



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