100% Scandinavisch Design

Stationary and books

Marimekko Set of 100 cards - 50 different designs

A very nice set with 100 beautifull cards from Marimekko. 10..

Marimekko Set of 16 unique floral cards with envelope

A beautiful set of 16 unique flower cards from Marimekko. In..

Marimekko book - in Patterns

If you are a fan of the beautiful designs by Marimekko, then..

Marimekko Set of 3 A5 notebooks with 3 different covers

A nice set of 3 notebooks by Marimekko. All notebooks are in..

Marimekko List Ledger Folder with 4 notebooks with pencil

A handy folder with 4 notepads and a pencil from Marimekko. ..

Marimekko Set of 2 large notebooks with 2 different covers 21,5 x 29 cm

A nice set of 2 large notebooks from Marimekko. Both books h..

Marimekko Box of Labels 30 sheets

A beautiful storage box containing 30 sheets, on which there..

Marimekko Box with 10 HB pencils with Unikko design

A nice set of 10 HB pencils with Unikko design from Marimekk..

Marimekko MINI JOURNAL SET Set of 4 notebooks

A beautiful set of 4 notebooks from Marimekko. Each booklet ..
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100% Scandinavisch Design