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Moebe Frame Oak (different sizes)

The Moebe Frame oak is a beautiful transparent oak frame, wh..

Moebe Frame Black (different sizes)

The Moebe Frame black is a unique frame designed by the Dani..

Paper Collective 50 x 70 cm Solid Oak Frame

A beautiful solid oak frame with a polystyrene (plexi) glass..

Moebe Frame White (different sizes)

The Moebe Frame white is a special frame, due to its transpa..

Moebe Frame Nude (different sizes)

Moebe Frame Nude is a beautiful aluminium colour frame that ..

Moebe Pinch Oak

The Moebe Pinch oak is a handy clip that you can use as a ca..

Incado Nordic Line Safety Frame Black A3

The Nordic Line Safety Frame in black from Incado has a beau..
€19,95 €15,95

Moebe Lijst Dark Red (different sizes)

The Moebe frame is also available in a warm colour, dark red..

Moebe Lijst Blue (different sizes)

Moebe Frame Blue gives a nice colour touch in your home. Th..

Paper Collective 30 x 40 cm Orange Frame

A beautiful orange frame with a poylstyrene (plexi) glass th..

Moebe Lijst Lightgrey (different sizes)

A nice addition to the classic colours is the moebe frame li..

Paper Collective 30 x 40 cm Solid Oak Frame

A beautiful solid oak frame with a poylstyrene (plexi) glass..
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100% Scandinavisch Design