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Cooking and dining are important parts of the Scandinavian way of living. A good meal prepaired with seasonal products are charactaristic for many Scandinavian country's. Having diner with your family or dear friends is a nice way of enjoying yourself. In our collection you will find several lovely brands who are perfect the perfect fit for your kitchen or dining table like for example: Marimekko, Lars Rank, Anne Black, Stelton, SEJ Design, OYOY, By May, By wirth, Humdakin etc.

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LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW - Winter Selection box - 335g - Chocolate coated liquorice

This selection box from Lakrids by Bülow is the perfect gif..

Studio Arhoj Sip Cup Pink Mink

The Studio Arhoj Sip cup Pink Mink is a hand-molded and glaz..

Marimekko Ketunmarja mug 2.5 dl

A new Ketunmarja cup from Marimekko in 2.5dl with the beauti..
€21,00 €14,70

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW - LOVE selection box - 435g - Chocolate coated liquorice

In our LOVE SELECTION BOX you will find the most popular fla..

Marimekko Kuusikossa gold 2dl cup

A real eye-catcher is this Kuusikossa gold 2dl cup with hand..

Marimekko Unikko 2dl coffee cup gold bordeaux

A beautiful Juhla Unikko 2dl cup with handle by Marimekko in..

Marimekko Unikko mug 2.5 dl set of 2 gold bordeaux

A beautiful set of 2 Juhla Unikko 2.5dl cups from Marimekko ..

Marimekko Räsymatto 20cm Pink Plate

A nice Räsymatto pink plate of 20 cm, as a breakfast plate,..
€25,00 €17,50

SEJ Design Black Tray X-Small 9x18cm

Beautiful black tray from SEJ Design. This tray is ideal to ..

SEJ Design Storage Container Black 10x10x10cm

Nice and handy storage container from SEJ Design. This size ..

Marimekko Unikko set of 2 mini plates 10x10 cm gold bordeaux

A nice set of 2 Unikko mini plates from Marimekko in bordeau..

Studio Arhoj Sip Cup Lake Shoji

The Studio Arhoj Sip cup Lake Shoji is a hand-molded and gla..

Liewood Vivi Silicone Children's Dinner Set Rabbit Sea Blue

Vivi is a very nice Silicone food set for babies and young c..

SEJ Design Black Serving Tray Round Ø 32cm

Beautiful black tray in a practical round size (Ø 32 cm). V..

SEJ Design Black Tray 25x40cm

This black tray x-large is very practical for your espresso ..

SEJ Design Tray Black Medium 14,5 x39cm

Multifunctional black tray from SEJ Design. Beautiful and pr..

Marimekko Unikko Cup Black Beige 2,5dl

A very fresh looking 2.5dl Unikko cup from Marimekko in beig..
€21,00 €14,70

Liewood Jansa Thermo cup with smart click system Whale Blue 300ml for adults

A very handy thermo cup from Liewood especially for adults. ..

Marimekko Ketunmarja tin box 11x11x17.5cm

A handy and beautiful large storage tin from Marimekko with ..

Marimekko Sääpäiväkirja Cup 2dl

If you like blue then this Sääpäiväkirja 2dl cup from Ma..

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW - GOLD Raspberry - Regular 295g - Chocolate coated liquorice

"Our GOLD edition unites the deep sweetness of white chocola..
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