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Dottir Nordic Design

Inspiration for the beautiful ceramic designs of Dottir comes from the Nordic life with the dark cold winters and clear warm summer evenings, the deep silent lakes and the strong ocean currents.

Thora Finnsdottir

All designs were created by designer Thora Finnsdottir. In her work you can see her passion for reviving common and well-known forms, stimulating our perception and generating new feelings. Precisely by combining known and already existing forms, beautiful new creations are created. This way of working is typical of Thora Finnsdottir.


The emergence of new designs can sometimes take years. The ceramic collection is designed in Denmark, handmade by designer Thora Finnsdottir. The further production takes place in Dehua, the city in the coastal province of Fujian in China, which has been known worldwide for centuries for its high quality ceramic products.

Ceramic collection

The collection consists of a diversity of products. The best-known products are her Pipanella vases. Vases in different sizes and shapes with their own design and with their own "button" at the front. The patterns on the vase and also the bud are prints of existing reliefs. The dot-relief pattern, for example, comes from a dot-relief anti-slip mat for use in a kitchen drawer.


Atmosphere by candlelight in the home is of course essential in Scandinavian interiors. Candlesticks are therefore an important part of the collection. The alba series with both tealight holders and candlesticks are beautiful elements for the whole year. The tealight holders have a beautiful shape and are slightly translucent. The candlesticks have strong shapes, which makes them beautiful on their own.

The Winter stories are specially designed for the winter and Christmas days. The very decorative candlesticks give just that extra bit of atmosphere during these days. You see the great love for nature in these candlesticks. The Dottir designs fit into any interior and are a real asset.


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Dottir Winter Stories Forest Candlestick

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Dottir Candle stick Alba Five Matt Black

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Dottir Vase Pipanella Dotted Grey (Medium)

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Dottir Vase Pipanella Dotted Lightgreen (Medium)

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Dottir Vase Pipanella Lines White (Large)

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Dottir Tealightholder Alba Two White

The tealight holder Alba Two from the Danish studio Dottir i..
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