100% Scandinavisch Design

Emelie Gårdeler

IMIForm Birch Coaster Fabric

The birch coaster Fabric is one of the coasters from the bea..

IMIform Poster North 30 x 40cm

Our favorite is this North Poster of 30 x 40 cm from IMIform..

IMIform A5 Mini Print Mushroom

This IMIform mini Poster Mushroom has beautiful shades by Em..

IMIform A5 Mini Print Blossom

Beautiful flowers on this IMIform mini Poster Blossom by Eme..

Emelie Gårdeler Poster 40 x 50cm Gömma - Hide

Beautiful poster by Emelie Gårdeler Poster in 40 x 50cm. Th..

IMIForm A5 Notebook Set of 2

Sprout is a set of 2 notebooks in A5 format, with blance pag..

IMIform A5 Mini Print Winter

An IMIform mini Poster Winter by Emelie Gårdeler. The illus..

IMIform A5 Mini Print Whale

An IMIform mini Poster Whale by Emelie Gårdeler. The inspir..

IMIForm Birch Coaster Face Right

The birch coaster Face Right is one of the coasters from the..

IMIform Poster 30 x 40cm Blossom

The Blossom poster has beautiful colors and flowers. Designe..

IMIform A5 Mini Print Gloom

An IMIform mini Poster Gloom by Emelie Gårdeler. The illust..
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100% Scandinavisch Design