100% Scandinavisch Design


SEJ Design Black Tray X-Small

Beautiful black tray from SEJ Design. This tray is ideal to ..

Kortkartellet Black Aluminium Frame Different Sizes

Sleek black aluminum frame from Kortkartellet. The frame is ..

SEJ Design Tray Black Small

The tray black from SEJ Design is made of rubber and the ide..

Humdakin Dish Brush Small

Nice and practical little Humdakin dishwashing brush made f..

Moebe Wall Hooks Small Black 2 pieces

The Moebe wall hooks in black are a true piece of craftsmans..

Scandinavia Form Botanic Ring Brass Small

Beautiful brass ring with which the glass vases of Scandinav..

Humdakin Hand Lotion Sea Buckthorn and Chamomile Tube 60 ml

Excellent fine and nourishing moisturizing Humdakin hand lot..

by Wirth Wood Knot 2st

A beautiful set of 2 oak knots from by Wirth that you can us..

The Oak Men Lebowski Oak

Beautifully designed and multifunctional The Oak Men Lebowsk..

Strups Ring Black Small Ø 16 cm

Beautiful black multifunctional ring from Strups. Use it as ..

SEJ Design Storage Container Black Small

This black storage container from SEJ Design is nice to use ..

Moebe Pinch Oak

The Moebe Pinch oak is a handy clip that you can use as a ca..

Moebe Coatrack Black 40cm

The Moebe coat rack in black is, due to its simplicity, agai..

Humdakin Handsoap with Sea Buckthorn and Chamomile 300 ml

Wonderfully mild cleansing allergy friendly Humdakin hand so..

by Wirth Toiletpaperholder Soap Treated Oak

Give your toilet a nice Nordic atmosphere with this oak wood..

Humdakin Dish Cloth Clay

Knitted dish cloth soft pink from Humdakin. The nice dish cl..

OYOY Mini Wall Hook Rabbit

Super cute wall hook in the shape of a sweet bunny. Nice in ..

Humdakin Kitchen Towel Oak

Very nice knitted kitchen towel from Humdakin in a beautiful..

Moebe Pinch Black

The smallest item in the Moebe collection is the pinch. A ki..

SEJ Design Black Serving Tray Round

Beautiful black tray in a practical round size (Ø 32 cm). V..

Scandinavia Form Vaasje Glasilium Translucent Small

Beautiful translucent glass vase from Scandinavia Form. This..

Lars Rank Keramik Blue Hills Handmade Cup 1,5dl

Beautiful handmade white cup with blue waves from Lars Rank ..

Fabelab Advent Calendar The Woods

Fabelab Advent calendar (Christmas calendar) Beautiful Chris..

by May Teatowel Lightgreen Print

Beautiful tea towel in lightgreen with print, made from 100%..
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100% Scandinavisch Design