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Household and care products

A beautiful and clean house is important to everyone while cleaning is not the most favorite job for most of us. The products from Humdakin, for example, prove that cleaning can also be fun.

Danish Design

This Danish brand not only wants to make the household more fun but also more beautiful. They design beautiful products that allow fine cleaning, but also take the environment and the user into account. All their products are mild and made from natural Scandinavian ingredients that are gentle on the skin and at the same time smell great.


Humdakin products can be combined very well with products from SEJ Design, among others. A brand that develops sustainable products for the kitchen or bathroom, including handy coasters made of rubber for soap and rubber trays for dishwashing brushes or ladles.

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SEJ Design Black Soap Dish

Practical black soap dish from SEJ Design. The black contain..

Humdakin Hand Lotion Sea Buckthorn and Chamomille 300 ml

Delicious smelling hand lotion from Humdakin based on natura..

Humdakin Hand Lotion Sea Buckthorn and Chamomile Tube 60 ml

Excellent fine and nourishing moisturizing Humdakin hand lot..

Humdakin Handsoap with Sea Buckthorn and Chamomile 300 ml

Wonderfully mild cleansing allergy friendly Humdakin hand so..

Humdakin Dish Soap with Sea Buckthorn and Salvia 750 ml

Delicious smelling and fantastic cleaning Humdakin dishwashi..

Humdakin Dish Brush Small

Nice and practical little Humdakin dishwashing brush made f..

Humdakin Universal Cleaner with Sea Buckthorn and Salvia

Very fine and wonderfully smelling environmentally responsib..

Humdakin Spray Bottle 500 ml

Very practical Humdakin spray bottle. Use it in combination ..

dot aarhus Ring Holder KEEPER Oak Small

Stylish ring holder KEEPER oak from dot aarhus not only keep..

dot aarhus Ring Holder KEEPER Walnut Small

Give your ring(s) a safe place with this stylish ring holder..

dot aarhus KEEPER Ring Holder Oak Large

Beautiful KEEPER ring holder from dot aarhus is made from so..

dot aarhus Walnut Ring Holder KEEPER Large

Very nicely designed walnut ring holder from dot aarhus not ..

Humdakin Hand Kit Sea Buckthorn and Chamomille 2x 300 ml

Beautiful limited edition hand kit from Humdakin consisting ..
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