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Moebe Shelving system S.200.1.A (various colours)

Moebe Shelving system S.200.1.A (various colours)
Moebe Shelving system S.200.1.A (various colours)
Moebe Shelving system S.200.1.A (various colours)
Moebe Shelving system S.200.1.A (various colours)
Moebe Shelving system S.200.1.A (various colours)
Moebe Shelving system S.200.1.A (various colours)
Moebe Shelving system S.200.1.A (various colours)
Moebe Shelving system S.200.1.A (various colours)
Moebe Shelving system S.200.1.A (various colours)
Moebe Shelving system S.200.1.A (various colours)
Moebe Shelving system S.200.1.A (various colours)
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The MOEBE Shelving system S.200.1.A is a high open cabinet with 5 shelves that you can place at any desired height. Read more..

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The MOEBE Shelving system S.200.1.A is a high open cabinet with 5 shelves that you can place at any desired height.

Size: 200 x 85 x 35 cm (H x W x D)

The set-up consists of the following separate parts:

  • 4x Leg, 115 cm
  • 4x Leg, 85 cm
  • 1x Back Plate, 85 cm
  • 4x End Caps and Safety Clip Set
  • 5x Shelf, 85 x 35 cm


Moebe Shelving System

The MOEBE Shelving System gives you the option and the freedom to build your own cupboard, completely according to your wishes. Build as long as you want, build as wide as you want, build around corners or even across different levels. Use the cabinet as a room divider or simply place it against a wall. Design a cabinet that exactly fits your needs.

The cabinet system is extremely flexible and almost anything is possible. The Shelving system is a modular system that is built entirely from separate parts. You can therefore always continue to adjust the cabinet if necessary. You can change the setup or add new parts. Perhaps your budget is not sufficient for a large high cabinet, you can start with a low cabinet and later expand it upwards, when you want and as high as you want.

Create your own dream closet

In our webshop you will find the most popular basic MOEBE cabinets. But there is so much more possible, think of other heights, by applying different combinations of the uprights or a mix of several colors, think of combining white legs with both white and oak planks. Let your creativity go and create your own dream closet.

You can choose your cupboard by taking a preliminary design as a basis and possibly supplement it with individual items. If you feel confident enough, you can also put together your entire design separately in the webshop. If you would like advice or are you not sure of all the parts you need, please visit the store or sendblikfang an email with your wishes and I will help you put together your dream wardrobe.

The price of each set, as well as your own design, is fully calculated based on the (chosen) individual parts.


How does the system work?

  • Shelves - Shelves can be placed at any height. All shelves are held in place by 4 wooden wedges, one in each corner. Using wedges means there are no positioning restrictions. Simply slide the shelf to the desired height and mount the wedges from below. Super easy.
  • Build as high as you want - The white and black uprights, or legs, are available in three sizes; 65, 85 cm and 115 cm. All legs can be attached to each other in any combination. The only limitation is the height of your space.
  • Build as wide as you want - You can just keep adding uprights and shelves in whichever direction you want. One segment (which is also the width of the shelf) measures 85 cm. Through the overlap (the plank extends beyond the upright), each additional segment will add 78 cm to the width.
  • Twist at any corner - You can build at any corner, you turn the plank around the upright where you want and add uprights. Create a room divider or build around a corner.
  • Navigate through different levels - Whether it's up a staircase or just an uneven floor, you can place the 4 legs separately, where necessary. If this means that the legs will stagger in height, for example if you let the cabinet run up 2 steps, then that is possible. (NOTE: if the legs are staggered in height at the bottom, for example at a staircase, this will also be the case at the top). You can always level the planks at the height you want.
  • Safe on the wall - When building the Shelving System against a wall, MOEBE recommend to always fix it. Each system comes with at least two safety clips, which you slide onto one leg and screw directly into the back wall.
  • Build freestanding - If you want to build a freestanding cabinet that is higher than 85 cm, MOEBE recommends either building a back-to-back system or making a 90 degree angle after every third compartment.


Choose your color combination

All proposed cabinet designs are available in the 6 colorways below.

  • Uprights black + Natural oiled oak planks (black/oak)
  • Uprights black + Black painted oak planks (black/black)
  • Uprights black + Smoked oak planks (black/smoked oak)
  • Uprights white + Smoked oak planks (white/smoked oak)
  • Uprights white + Natural oiled oak planks (white/oak)
  • Uprights white + white painted planks (white/white)


  • Your own mix of colors and materials is also always possible. You can do this by going to the overview of all individual parts and selecting the parts as desired. All parts are available in all colors, uprights in white and black; shelves and cabinets in oak, black and white. You can also send a message toblikfang with your wishes and we will work out your design.


How do you assemble the cupboard?

You can easily assemble the cabinet. First unpack all parts and arrange them sort by sort. Once you have done this you can start building. Initially you only have a spirit level, hammer and possibly a measuring tape required. You need a drill and screw machine to secure the cabinet.

You work from bottom to top in the full width. Because the base boards of 85 cm do not fit next to each other, but always stagger, it is important to have a clear design, so that you add all parts in the right order. Keep the drawing to hand and number the parts from low to high (see pdf), also remember the safety clips to attach to the wall. It is most convenient if you put the cupboard together in pairs. You start with the first, the lowest-seated plank. If the lowest sitting object is a cupboard, then you start with that. Then keep in mind, if there is a shelf next to it that extends halfway from the cabinet, that you add this shelf while you build the cabinet. In this PDF you can see roughly the working method.



Show model in our store in Deventer

In our store in Deventer we have a show model of the Moebe Shelving system. By visiting our store you can see and experience what a wonderful system this is. You can view all the colors (loose samples) and try out the various extra parts, such as the beautiful cabinet. If desired, I can think along with you about a suitable design for the relevant room in your house.



As soon as you have ordered a complete cabinet, we will order it directly from MOEBE. To avoid unnecessary transport, the cabinet will be sent to you directly from MOEBE's warehouse. The cabinet will be shipped to you for free, so the price of the cabinet is also the total price for you.

If you have only ordered a number of parts, depending on the number of parts, it will be decided whether or not they will be sent directly from MOEBE. Our standard shipping conditions apply to the individual parts.


If you have any questions about this system, send me a message and I'll help you out.


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