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- Shipment days in December

The information below is for delivery in the Netherlands, this also partly applies to delivery abroad, of course, but the shipping time is often longer there anyway.


From week 48 to week 1, there is an adjusted shipping. In recent years I have noticed that packages sent on Mondays in and around the busiest days of the year are more likely to experience greater delays in delivery than on other days (packages on the other days are also delayed, but usually less extreme).

In the period between November 28 and January 2, there is a high risk of delays due to the enormous amount of packages because of Black Friday, Sinterklaas and Christmas.

I have therefore decided to temporarily stop shipping on Mondays, until January 2nd. Packages will be shipped from Tuesday to Friday. You should also take into account that your package may / will be delayed anyway. In the busiest period from Black Friday (November 25) to Christmas, there is a good chance that your package will be delivered a day or more later than the rest of the year. How much delay depends entirely on how busy it is this year with online orders and how well the parcel services are organized that year.

I always ship your order as soon as possible. If you order before 2 pm on Tuesday to Friday, it will be delivered to the shipping party the same day. If you order after 2 p.m., it will be secretly sent on that day or otherwise no later than the following working day, with the exception of Monday.

Important tip for dutch and Belgian people only: Because Black Friday is a week before Sinterklaas, the Sinterklaas gifts often come under scrutiny. Therefore, order your Sinterklaas gifts on 21 to 25 November before 2 p.m. then you have the best chance that they will arrive on time.

This also applies to Christmas, of course, it is best to order your gifts between 10 and 16 December at the latest. The week after is the week before Christmas and then it can get tight. Of course I will ship everything as quickly as possible, but unfortunately I and therefore you are also dependent on the shipping parties.

Of course I hope that this year the delays will not be too bad and that everyone will receive their package on time. Let's work together for this, then we'll make it a beautiful December!


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